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Dance class search Uk dance class search for all styles of dance - Ballroom, Latin, Swing, Jive etc. www.areyoudancing.com
Jive Classes A uk map of Jive Classes www.jiveclasses.co.uk
Jive Jukebox Modern Jive Freestyles in Portsmouth www.moderjiveporstmouth.co.uk
Jivin Munich Weekend events in Munich www.jivin-munich.de
Jive UK List of UK Jive Clubs & Events www.uk-jive.co.uk
LeRoc - The Jive In Colin Shaul - Classes in the Dorking Area www.leroc-uk.com
Lyndas List Whats on in the South of England www.lyndaslist.co.uk
MJROC Weekend events - Warmwell & BeachRoc www.mjroc.com
Royal British Legion Ferndown


Southern Jive Calender & Forum Calender of Modern Jive Classes & Events in the centre of the South Coast www.southernjive.co.uk
Synergy Jive

Charity Freestyle nights supported by Jive Riot, DYD, Jiveasy & Richer Moves

Warmwell & BeachRoc The best Modern Jive Weekenders on the Southcoast www.mjroc.com

Modern Jive Dance Classes in Hampshire and Dorset from Jive Riot

Jive Riot Modern Jive and Swing Freestyles

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Jive Riot Modern Jive Workshops and Special taster sessions in other Dance styles

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