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What if I've never danced before,
I have two left feet!

You dont need any experience
or partner to join a Jive Riot class.

All you need is your self...
just turn up at 7.50pm and tell
them its your first time!

Do I need to book?

No, its not a course. You pay as
you go. This means that you can
come and go as you please. Some
people like to dance once a week,
some 3 times a week.  Some people
 have other commitments and can
only attend once a month!

What do I need to wear?

Its a good idea to wear comfortable
clothes as you will hot. You dont
need special shoes but it will help
to choose shoes with a smooth sole.
Preferably not trainers with a thick
heavy tread that will make you stick
to the floor.

It is also advisable to have a spare
T-shirt and a can of deo
drant if you
perspire a lot.

How old do you need to be?

We dont have age limits, but do have
lower age requirements. This is an adult
activity in licenced premises. Therefore
any one that is under age MUST be
accompanied by an adult at all times.
The only requirement is that they are
tall enough to dance with adults.

Jive Riot Instructors Kelly & Ady - First Move Jump

* NO Partner required

* No Experience needed

* People of all ages welcome

* No special shoes
   or clothes reqired

* Licenced Bar

* Fully qualified instructors

* Taxi dancers at each venue

* Fun & friendly atmosphere

Titchfield Taxi Dancer Fiona

Modern Jive Dancers at the Empire Hall

Modern Jive Dancers at Titchfield Community Centre 250

*Entrance £7 per person

*Ten Ticket Vouchers £63

*Students & OAP's £6
   Please note - ID Required

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