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 History of Modern Jive

Modern swing jive may be the latest dance craze to sweep the UK, but it is by no means NEW!

The origins of jive start back in the 1920's & 30's in the dance clubs of black America, the sounds of jazz led on to Big Band Swing, perfecting the dances such as Lindyhop & the Jitterbug.

The war years took the dance underground due to its "Corrupting influence". However, the American G.I's brought the dance with them to Europe. In the UK it surfaced in the Rock & Roll years, having been adapted to fit the new style of music.

The French took the dance, simplified it, mixed it in with the traditional Latin dances to form the dance that we now know as Modern Jive. Over the years the dance has been adapted to fit music trends, and broken down into a basic format making it suitable for the masses.

The dance now known as Modern French Jive can be seen throughout the UK, under many different guises. But the base dance is always the same, no matter how it is marketed.

Across the Atlantic, the swing craze is enormous. The bars & clubs rock with Neo Swing, and are full of teenagers & dancers donning suits in an amazing array of colours & Authentic 40s clothing, jiving the night away.

With films such as Swing, Swingers & the Mask promoting Swing music we are starting to see the influence of East Coast & West Coast swing within the UKs dance scene.

A dance scene that we all see as new, but in truth has been expanding over the last 20 Years!

Andy & Debi


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