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Jive Riot is owned by me, Kelly Donoghue, and started 22years ago! My first class opened April 25th 1995 at The Empire Hall in Totton.

I was dragged along to my first 'Ceroc' class by a neighbour who new I loved Rock & Roll. I didn't want to go and was very apprehensive. I took to it like a duck to water and have never looked back since! Within a few months I was demonstrating, and it transformed my life!

Kelly & Jean Marc France Lights

After three years I applied to become an instructor, due to certain circumstances I withdrew from the auditions and contacted leJive and took on a franchise of my own instead.
For several years we remained with leJive untill we decided to go it alone! We became an independant modern jive club and Jive Riot was born!

Jive Riot has grown over the years to be one of the largest clubs on the south coast. We have developed a reputation for qualtiy and attract a high level of dancer who seek a challenge! 

Our beginners are brought on slowly and carefully and are encouraged  to develope their skills at their own pace. Our intermediate routines are known for being different and challenging! Why not visit one of our classes and see for yourself.... you will never look back!



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