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Lazy Dave Plumber

A-Z of Smooother Modern Jive Workshop with Lazy Dave!


Smoother modern jive has progressed from a novelty to an essential part of modern jive in recent years.

This brand new workshop from Lazy Dave outlines his curriculum to achieve smoother modern jive from the very first step.

The concept of modern jive is a simple form of dance, which tends to be 'moves focused'. This workshop stays true to the 'simple' format but focuses on the movement and dynamics to transform an average dance into a memorable dance floor connection!

Lazy Dave will outline his A-Z of smoother jive - the terminology and simple techniques required by both the leaders and followers to make a dance effortless and eye-catching. 

It literally is an A-Z...

"A is for...."

"B is for...."

If you like the idea of smoother modern jive and would like to learn from one of the most inspirational teachers in the UK today, this workshop is for you!

To fully appreciate this workshop, dancers, crew and teachers need to have an enquiring mind, not label themselves as 'beginner, intermediate or advanced' in modern jive, but willing and able to question perceived wisdom by quite simply asking "why?".


Ever wondered what 'Smooth Jive' actually is????

Smooth Jive is not so much a description of a dance, but a statement of intent.

A growing number of teachers are using the term to declare their intent to teach a form of modern jive with some elements that, in their opinion, will make the dance smoother. There is no agreed curriculum that defines 'Smooth Jive' - it's like a 'cottage industry' that has been evolved by a few teachers in parts of the UK, with each teacher using different methods and techniques to achieve the desired result - a smoother modern jive.


About Lazy Dave

Once described as a 'Dance Evangelist', Lazy Dave is one of the pioneers of what is now known as 'Smooth Jive' or 'Next Generation' Modern Jive, well known around the UK for his inspiring teaching, featuring at the country's top weekenders including Warmwell, Hemsby, Rock Bottoms, Southport and Camber as well as internationally at Jive Addiction's holidays and at Crack Mor in Ireland.

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Sunday 20th July - 1pm to 5pm

The Empire Hall, Library Road, Totton, Southampton.

£25 per person / £40 per couple

Drinks & Refreshments will be provided



Followed by SUNDAY 'LUSH' Teadance
5.30 till 9pm - Cool smooth tines with DJ Kelly, Lazy Dave & John Dunlop

Admission £7 or £5 with Cake to share

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