Modern Jive -
the partner dance that's fun and affordable!

Its fun, easy to learn, a fantastic way to keep fit, and a brilliant way to socialise and meet new people...




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Modern jive is not new... but with the popularity of Hit TV shows such as 'Strictly Come Dancing' and 'So you think you can Dance' partner dancing is bigger than ever.
Find out more about the history of Modern Jive & Jive Riot.



Modern Jive is very easy easy to learn.  Any one can do it! Even if you have two left feet!
You dont need any experience or a partner of your own.
Jive Riot holds regular week day evening classes across Hampshire & Dorset.



... a day many years ago my friends had an idea "Why dont you start your own Modern Club"...

This year Jive Riot celebrates our 20th birthday, we opened our door for our first class on 25th April 1995 at the Empire Hall.

So its PARTY TIME...
TUESDAY 21st April 2015
Empire Hall in Totton
Doors open 7.45pm

The theme is "20"
... the number 20
...when you were 20
...the 1920's
... the year 2020
...20 years ago
Let your imagination run wild!



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